About us

Kibz Vision is a Ugandan registered company launched in 2011, as an experiential marketing agency.

Our Past Events

Our Activities

These include supermarket activities, market activities, and mall parking lot activities. Sales are driven with sample demonstrations and lots of fun games.

We invite different media houses to create enormous publicity for our clients with such an event.

Teaser campaigns carried out in this category include launches, flyer distribution & consumer sampling.

Over the years, road shows have proved to be highly effective for mass markets. With them, consumers see the brand, hear about it, and experience it through engagement.

Mobile Promotion Trucks are used to reach smaller trading centers with no road show spaces. Time is dedicated to each center including brand communication, skits, games, seeding & merchandising.

These involve bikes and cars with the aim of reaching out to far areas while still promoting the brand, and entertaining the audiences.

We reach out directly to shops and consumers directly in a specific trading center; and market to them the brand with sampling.

Such carnivals involve several schools where both parents and their children, through participation in different activities, get to learn of brands we are marketing.