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We are a full service experiential marketing agency that designs and implements experiences that are relevant to your target audiences and are ownable by the brand. We create memorable and innovative customer experiences. Call us today to get your brand out there.

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Welcome to the World of Advertising and Marketing.

Kibz Vision Ltd defines the intersection of a brand’s marketing opportunity & consumer reality – allowing you to create and implement the ideas that mobilize the emotional triggers of your audiences. Our creative professionals combine wide ranges of talent into team effort with amazing results while also having enormous fun serving your clients.

We manage events all over Uganda...

What We Do

We excite both consumers & clients by engaging people’s emotions beyond “run of the mill” advertising and marketing. We do this with passion, commitment, enthusiasm & personal dedication.

We create one-on-one interactions that help in creating emotional brand connections with consumers. We offer 100% effective Solutionsto our clients through the competitive advantage of:

  1. Value & Quality
  2. Efficiency & Effectiveness
  3. Competitiveness

Some Past Events

Flat Bed Truck Events

Road Show Events

Press Conference Events

Our Journey
Launched in 2011
Happy Clients, Happy Agency.

Mirembe Irene - CEO
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Some Of Our Activities

  1. Mall Activations
  2. Press Conferences
  3. Round About Activities
  4. Road Shows
  5. Flat Bed Activations
  6. Road Drive Shows
  7. Shop/Customers Targeting
  8. Product Exhibition Shows
  9. Parents-Kids Carnivals
  10. Merchandising